The most recent iteration of Tesla's well-known Model 3 is about to debut.

There are signs of an upcoming introduction after a year of development under Tesla's "Highland" program, which is focused on the following iteration of the Model 3.

Significant changes have been made to the delivery schedules for European customers, with all new Model 3 orders now being pushed to be completed after October.

 Customers may now anticipate receiving their vehicles in Q4 as a result of this.

Additionally, there are significant delays for the Model 3 Performance model, with deliveries estimated to take place as late as January 2024.

Tesla sells Model 3 vehicles in Europe that are manufactured at China's Gigafactory Shanghai.

Tesla previously stated that "global factory upgrades" will result in temporary production shutdowns.  

There are rumors that production will shortly transfer to the new version, which could explain the delays in European deliveries.