The factory has generated almost 1.8 million electric automobiles since late 2019.

The world's largest plant for battery-electric vehicles is Tesla's Gigafactory in Shanghai.

Recently, the Tesla Gigafactory in Shanghai reached yet another significant milestone.

The factory recently built its one millionth Tesla Model Y, according to the Chinese media (via CnEVPost).

We've included a tweet with a picture of the jubilee car (July 12, 2023) being encircled by the team as they celebrate this significant accomplishment below.

Since late 2019, Tesla has been producing the Model 3 in Shanghai.

a short glance at the 1.8 million MIC Model 3/Model Y wholesale shipments overall.

 The MIC Model 3 is now at almost 800,000 units, according to the MIC Model Y cumulative output.