2024 Honda Prologue:price, features and specifications. Base price: $48,000

The Clarity EV sedan, which was available for a brief period in the late 2010s, is one example of Honda's entry into the EV market.

 A crossover built on GM's Ultium platform will be the company's next mass-market electric vehicle.

The Prologue, which will launch in the United States next year, will include a unique design aesthetic, a starting price under $50,000, and

 a spacious interior made possible by a long wheelbase, an 11.3-inch touchscreen screen, and at least a 250-mile driving range.

For repeat Honda SUV customers wishing to switch to electric, the Prologue should be the obvious choice.

Around the same time, Acura will release its own version of the vehicle, albeit with a few extra perks inside.

Many families should find a Honda electric crossover to be both stylish and modern.